Plan Of The River Tay And Adjacent Grounds Between Castle Menzies And Bolfracks, Perthshire

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP3893

Date: 1823

Description: 'Plan of the River Tay and Adjacent grounds between Castle Menzies and Bolfracks'. By J[ames] Jardine.
[1:5400] 1 in = 6 Scottish chains. 485 x 1384 mm. Ink and colour wash. Linen backing.
Plan of part of the River Tay showing the existing and old water course. Plantations, fields, tributaries, River Lyon, Tay Bridge, Comrie Bridge, ferry, ford, jetty and roads noted. The villages of Weem and Dull, Castle Menzies and farms noted including Shenachar, Tomntogle, Tirinie, Tegarmuch, Little Town of Dull, Carse, Dalrawer, Drumdewan, Upper and Nether Tullicro, Camserney, Upper and Nether Mill, Croftnamuick, Balhomais, Farleyer, Tighchragan, West and East Boltachan, Dunskiag, Nether Farrochill, Dunacree, Croftcurr, Smith's Croft and Bolfracks. Land to north of river owned by Sir Neil Menzies and to the south by the Earl of Breadalbane except for part of a former island which had been shared between two owners. Two notes by James Lardine stating 'This is the plan referred to in my report of this date' the first being dated 15 February 1823 and the second 2 July 1831.

Archival history: Court of Session Records (CS)

Coordinates: 282193, 748187