Plan Of The Estate Of Fordell, Fife

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP3800

Date: 1756

Description: 'A plan of the Estate of Fordell as it is presently set and possest, the Property of Sir Robert Henderson, Bart'. By [Thomas] Winter [S]nr.
[1:3600] 1 inch = 4 Scottish chains. 1714 x 952 mm. Ink and colour wash. Linen backing.
Detailed estate plan showing Fordell House, policies, parks and farms including 'The two farms of Little Fordell', Letham, Fordell Mill, Parlhall, Clinkhill, Otterston, Fordell Green, Fernyhill, Longcraig, Drummullion, Danleys, Parkhead, Broomieside, Bogghead, The Coaltown, Heathery Mount, 'The two farms of Fordell Muir [Drumcooper', and Crossgates [Fordell] in Dalgety parish; Pitcathory Mill and Bank, Bull-stones, The Quaw and Brunthill in Inverkeithing parish. Infield-outfield lands, parks and enclosure with acreages and field-names. Annotations relating to quality of land, marches and sinks, gin, coal road, St David's harbour, Shore house and roads noted. Table of contents. Multiple scale. Adjacent lands named. Relief by brusg wash with hachures. Illustrated with drawing of small sailing vessel. Coat of arms.

Archival history: Papers of the Henderson Family of Fordell (GD172)

Coordinates: 313650, 684429