Plan Of The Lands Of Wards, Previous To The Division Of 1823, Orkney

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP2910

Date: c 1823

Description: 'No 3. Duplicate plan of Wards previous to the division in 1823'. By Thomas Grainger, surveyor.
[1:2700] 1 in = 3 Scottish chains. 582 x 828 mm, on sheet 622 x 875 mm. Ink and colour wash. Linen backing.
Plan of runrig lands of Wards including Crown Wards and Melsetter Wards. Steadings with tenants' names, church and enclosure for plants noted. Fields and rigs numbered to correspond with acreages and land use given in table of contents. Coloured to show Crown and Mr Heddle of Melsetter's property.

Archival history: Records of Crown Estate Commissioners (CR)

Coordinates: 328284, 993922