Plans Of Strathavon, Kirkmichael, Banffshire

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP2488

Date: 1762

Description: 'A short description of Strathavon exhibiting all the different farms likewise their extent and quality with mosses, moors and pastures also how the whole is bounded by the Duke's adjacent lands and adjacent heritors with an exact plan of each daugh and separate possession and its boundings, their different mosses, pastures and sheildings.' By William Anderson, surveyor.
382 x 300 x 15 mm. Coloured. Modern binding.
Armorial bearings opposite title page. (Indexed). Note: 'Strath Avin is markt here in daughs each daugh contains four plows each plow eitght oxgates or thirtytwo oxgates in each daugh.'

Archival history: Records of Crown Estate Commissioners (CR)

Coordinates: 313966, 812453