Plan Of Glack, Achdregnie And Cordregnie, Banffshire


Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP1791

Date: [1774]

Description: No title. By [Thomas Milne].
[1:2880] 1 in = 3 Scottish chains 20 links. 493 x 1387 mm. Ink and colour wash. Linen backing.
Plan of infield-outfield lands of Cordregnie, Whitefords, Achdregnie and Glack coloured to show boundaries of townships. Field boundaries with field-names, acreages and land use - arable, pasture, wood and moor. Steadings with occupants' names, old stances, cottars' houses, Nether Town and Back of the Tomb noted. Relief by grey wash. Coloured ink additions, dated 1822, showing new marches. Surveyor's books of reference - CR8/185 and 189.

Archival history: Records of Crown Estate Commissioners (CR)

Coordinates: 322582, 828242