Plan Of Cluny Hill Hydropathic Establishment, Forres, Moray

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP140721

Date: 9 Oct 1869

Description: 'Plan of the Cluny-Hill Hydropathic Establishment, Forres, and part of the grounds adjoining same.' By John Smith, land surveyor, Forres.
Scale 8 1/4 inches = 500 feet. 410 x 735 mm. Coloured. Linen backing. Silk binding.
Plan showing hydropathic building and baths, Edgehill House, pleasure gardens, croquet lawns, bowling green, piggery, shed and woods. Section. Locus of crime plan in trial of George Norman for culpable homicide, etc.

Archival history: High Court of Justiciary processes (JC26)

Coordinates: 303943, 858137