Plan Of The Lands Of Tannachy, Property Of George Steuart


Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP1204

Date: 1791

Description: 'A plan of the lands of Tanachie in the parish of Rathven, Banffshire, the property of George Steuart, Esq'. Surveyed by John Home
[1:3600] 1 inch = 4 Scottish chains. 520 x 730 mm. Ink and colourwash. Annotated in graphite. Linen backing. Compass rose.
Plan of the estate of Tanachie [Tannachy] coloured to show farm boundaries - Mains of Tanachie, Windsour and Core. Tannachy House, gardens, enclosures, fields named with acreages, townships including Dyke-head and Feild-head [Field -head] with infield, outfield and common pasture, plantations, dovecot, wells and salmon fisher's house noted. Some tenants' names and field names noted. Names of adjacent lands and owners. Table of contents giving total acreage of arable and pasture for each farm. Pictorial title with house, landscape and small drawings of sailing vessels.

Archival history: Records of Brodies, WS (incorporating John C Brodie and Sons, WS) (GD247)

Coordinates: 344614, 862811