Plan Of The Lands Of Fyvie And Surrounding Lands, Aberdeenshire

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP11

Date: May 1768

Description: 'The waterside lands of Fyvie and lands of Ardlogie, Woodhead and Fetter Letter, with the lands of Gight lying upon the west side of the Moss of Black-hillock and the Little Water, together with the contraverted marches upon the Mosses of WindyHill between the Hon Col William Gordon of Fyvie and George Gordon of Gight, Esq.' By John Hume [John Home].
[1:8900] 1 inch = 10 Scottish chains. 960 x 500 mm. Ink and colour wash. Linen backing.
Detailed estate plan including farms of Mains of Fyvie, Lewes, Tifty, Parkburn, Peterwell, Kirkton, Ardlogie, Woodhead, Fetterletter, Petts, Monkshill, Lethenty, Oldmoss, Moss-side, Gight, Stonehouse, Blackhillock and Little Gight. Buildings, farm and field boundaries with some indication of land use including runrigs and quality of land. Mills of Ardlogie, Tifty, Fetterletter and Gught, plantations, roads and dykes noted. Names of adjacent properties and owners. Relief by fine hachures. Title in scroll-work flanked by two small farming scenes.

Archival history: Found in Lower Rooms of Register House, 20th October , 1849.

Coordinates: 377344, 838206