IN THEIR Inventory of the Ancient
Monuments of Selkirkshire the Com-
missioners carry a step further their
survey of the Border region, follow-
ing their two-volume work on
Roxburghshire published in 1956
and a smaller book on Berwick-
shire published in 1915. The material
has been treated in the same manner
as was adopted in Roxburghshire,
and in particular the air-photo-
graphs of the whole area were
scrutinised for traces of earthwork
monuments invisible to observers
on the ground. An introduction
is provided to illustrate the his-
torical background and to discuss
the wider significance of the archae-
ological matter; and further, as
Selkirkshire and Roxburghshire are
linked by important ties of simi-
larity, part of the introduction to
the Roxburghshire survey is
reprinted in the form of an appendix.
The interests of the general reader
as well as of the expert have been
constantly kept in mind.

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