Abacus. - The uppermost member of a capital, resembling the flat slab which it originally was.
Aisle. - Internal division of a church formed by an arcade, usually at the side of and parallel to the nave
or the chancel. Sometimes, in Scotland, of any small building attached to the church.
Alb. - A "white" priestly vestment reaching to the feet.
Ambulatory. - Covered walk, or way round within a building
Amice. --An ecclesiastical vestment, originally a hood, but now in the form of an oblong square of linen
covering the neck and shoulders, the apparel or embroidered edge of which stands up like a collar.
Angle roll. - see Bowtell.
Annulet. - (1) Small moulding or fillet encircling a column like a ring; (2) A ring (Heraldry).
Apse. - Circular or polygonal termination of a chancel or aisle.
Apsidal. - In the form of an apse (q.v.).
Architrave. - (1) Moulding round a door, window or similar opening; (2) The part of an entablature resting
directly upon the column or pier.
Archivolt. - The under curve of an arch, and so also applied to the mouldings upon the curve.
Argent. - White for silver (Heraldry).
Armoire. - Locker or small cupboard.
Arris. - The edge or angle formed by the meeting of two surfaces.
Aumbry. - Small cupboard or closed recess in wall.

Banker. - A bench of stone or wood.
Barmkin. - An enclosing wall.
Barrel-vault. - A continuous vault, like that of a tunnel, resembling the interior of a barrel cut in half
lengthwise; in the "pointed" barrel-vault the curved sides form a pointed arch.
Barrow. - An earthen burial mound
Bartizan or Bartisan. - Battlement.
Bay. - Unit of building between buttresses or piers.
Benatura. - A stoup or basin for holy water.
Bend. - A band running diagonally across the shield from the dexter top to the opposite base point;
when from the sinister top it is known as a Bend-sinister (Heraldry).
Bezants. - Discs or roundels which were gilded (Heraldry).
Billet-moulding. - Properly, an enrichment resembling billets or cylinders of wood spaced at intervals on
the concave surface of a moulding.
Bolection moulding. - A moulding raised above the main surface of the panel.
Bordure. - A margin or border round a shield (Heraldry).
Boss. - Projecting stone at intersection of vault-ribs.
Bougets or Budgets. - Buckets or bags, originally of leather (Heraldry).
Bowtell or Angle-roll. - A rounded edge-moulding.
Branks. - An iron framework for the head with a metal gag, used for the punishment of "scolds".
Broach. - The pyramidal mass of masonry supporting the oblique side of a spire.

Cable-moulding. - A moulding like the twisted strands of rope.
Cabled. - Having a cable moulding (q.v.).
Cabossed. - When the head of an animal is cut off at the ears and is full-faced (Heraldry).
Calvary. - The steps, generally three, upon which a cross is shown as standing.
Camail. - A hood of mail, protecting the neck and shoulders.
Canons (ecclesiastics). - (1) Priests living under monastic rule, e.g. Augustinian Canons; (2) A grade of
catherdral clergy.
Canons (of bell). - The loops by which a bell is hung.
Cap-house. - The small erection over the top of the stair leading up to the parapet-walk of a building.
Carnarvon-arch. - A straight lintel resting on corbels.

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