20 feet to the north-west of this strong wall is
the ditch referred to in the Statistical Account.
It is well defined, and in places has a depth
and width of over 10 feet. Part of it has been
cut through rock. The ditch is closely over-
looked by higher ground, except towards the
north, where a short stretch has its outer margin
defined by an artificially constructed bank. No
clear indications of an entrance passage could
be observed, but the line of approach was
probably from the west.

cxxxiv N.W. (unnoted). 17 March 1932.


619. "Druidical Temple," Cunninghar. - This
site is an elevated ridge of sand and gravel about
half a mile east of the village of Tillicoultry,
on the north side of the public road to Dollar.
A stone circle, measuring about 60 feet in
diameter, once stood here but was completely
removed many years ago, when the stones,
which are said to have been about 5 1/2 feet in
average height, were taken to cover a built
drain at Tillicoultry House. The site is now
used as a sand and gravel quarry. Cf. Proc.
Soc. Ant. Scot., xxix (1894-5), p. 190.

cxxxiv S.W. 26 July 1927.

620. Cist Burial, Harvieston. - A cist was
discovered at Harvieston about the year 1804,
when the western approach to the house was
being made. It contained a finely decorated
food-vessel 4 1/2 inches in height, by 5 inches in
diameter at the mouth, narrowing to 3 inches
at the bottom. With it was a small oval flint
knife, 1 1/2 inches in length by 1 inch in breadth,
formed of a flake, with the whitish chalk surface
still covering one side, the other showing the
bulb of percussion, and the edges worked sharp
all round from the inner side of the flake only.
Cf. Proc. Soc. Ant. Scot., xxix (1894-5), p. 107.

cxxxiv N.W. (unnoted).

621. Cairn, at Westertown. - This site is
recorded in the Statistical Account, vol. xv,
p. 214, footnote. It is now covered by the
dwelling-houses of Cairnton Place, Tillicoultry.

cxxxix N.W. (unnoted). 17 March 1932.

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