390. Standing Stone near Strathendry. -
About 100 yards west of the lodge of Strathen-
dry House, on the south side of the roadway
from Leslie to Scotlandwell, a large irregularly
shaped block of sandstone, 5 feet in height at
its highest point, has been utilised to form part
of the dike. It stands with its main axis almost
due east and west, and has a slight inclination
towards the north. It tapers from the base
upwards to a rounded and somewhat pointed
top, its broad flat face to the north measuring
5 feet 7 inches across at 2 feet from the ground.
There are no sculpturings. The girth at the base
is approximately 16 1/2 feet and at 3 feet from the
ground 11 feet 9 inches. The Statistical Account ¹
speaks of four large stones, but the others have
been removed. A stone coffin and urn, says the
same Account, were found beside one of these
stones in 1760.
1 Vol. vi (1793), p. 52, footnote.
xxvii N.W. 17 June 1925.


391. Gallant Knowe, near Strathendry Castle,
Bleachfield. - This site is now under cultivation,
and no remains can be traced. The Statistical
Account ¹ records that the "round hillock,
called the Gallant Know - being supposed to
consist only of gravel," was made use of to
repair the roads, and that there were discovered
"in the centre a piece of pavement, surrounded
with large stones, containing some bones, and
two spear-heads of copper, the one like the head
of an officer's spontoon, and the other, in the
upper part, like a mason's chisel." The
standing stone No. 390 is between four and five
hundred yards to the north-east.
1 Vol. vi (1793), p. 52.
xxvii N.W. 17 June 1925.

392. Cross, near Ingri. - The farm of Ingri is
reputed to be the site of a chapel, but no vestiges
of the building now remain. A cross is recorded
in the New Statistical Account ¹ as having for-
merly stood immediately below the old farm
steading, and the site is marked on the O.S.
map. The cross itself has disappeared, but a
base, socketed for the reception of a shaft or
pillar, is still to be seen built into the dike on
the north side of the public road, about 600
yards south-east of the farmhouse. It is a
roughly dressed rectangular block of sandstone,
2 feet 7 inches in height and tapering somewhat
from the base upwards, with a socketed recess
on the top measuring 11 1/2 inches long by 10 1/2
broad by 3 3/4 deep. Its north and south faces
measure 2 feet 6 inches across, and its east and
west faces 2 feet 3 inches. The stone is known
to have been removed from the farm, and is, in
all probability, the base of the missing cross.
1 Vol. ix, p. 111, footnote.
xix S.E. 17 June 1925.

393. Leslie Church. (1) ROTHES VAULT. - The
church is modern, but detached from it on the
north is the Rothes burial-vault, a featureless
17th-century oblong structure built of rubble.
The gables are crow-stepped, and the steps on
the south have been renewed. In the north
gable a door and window can be traced, though
built up.
(2) ARMORIAL PEDIMENT. - A triangular pedi-
ment is built into the west boundary wall of the
churchyard. Flanked by a flat-iron and shears,
and surmounting the initials and date I.B.
1636 M.L., is a scrolled cartouche parted per
pale: dexter, a chevron between three fleurs-
de-lis, for Broun of Fordell; sinister, a fess
checky and three mullets in chief, for Lindsay.
(3) SUNDIAL. - A plain 17th - or early 18th -
century tabular dial has been built as rubble
into the north-east angle of the church.
xxvii N.E. 10 June 1928.

394. Inscribed Lintels, Leslie. - The small two-
storyed 17th-century house at No. 14 High
Street has a lintel on an upper window dated
and initialled 1675 T.B. I.B., the initials being
separated by a heart. Flanking the inscription
are a spade and what seems to be a faggot. A
house on the north side of the village green has
a door lintel inscribed, I.Z. I.H. 1688, and a
window lintel inscribed, - - A.G.A.R. 40, as well
as a plain tabular sundial.
xxvii N.E. 10 June 1928.

395. The Bull Stone, Leslie. - A relic of the
rural pastime of bull-baiting stands on the town
green. It is a roughly shaped granite boulder

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