332. Standing Stone, West Pitcorthie.--This
stone stands in a cultivated field about midway
between the farms of East and West Pitcorthie,
and at an elevation of about 200 feet above sea-
level. It is a roughly rectangular boulder of red
sandstone, set with its main axis due north and
south and having a marked inclination towards
the south. There is nothing to suggest that it
has been packed at the base. It is badly
weathered on the north and south sides, while
the east face shows a series of cup-like hollows,
probably also weatherings. It stands 7 feet
1 inch in height, measures 3 feet 8 inches across
at the base and 4 feet 1 inch at the top and
gradually diminishes in thickness from 1 foot
4 inches at the base to slightly over 1 foot at the
top. The girth is 9 feet 9 inches at the base,
10 feet at the middle, and 10 feet 2 inches at the
xxii N.E. 7 July 1925.


333. Pediment.--In the forestair of a 17th-
century cottage west of the church is inserted
a triangular pediment, which has a fleur-de-
lys finial, and bears the initials I.A.

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