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294. Bell. - The old bell of the Parish Church
is now at Borthwick Hall, Midlothian. It has
a diameter of 1 foot 1 1/2 inches at skirt and a
height of 10 1/2 inches up to the crown. Between
two lines of crest-work is the inscription : FOR
initials probably representing James Monteith,
the Edinburgh founder, who in 1642 cast the
bell now in St. Andrew's Church, North
Berwick. ¹ On the skirt are three fillets, and
there are other fillets on the crown. The
canon and stock are complete.
"Kennoquhy" or "Kennochie" was the old
name of the parish. - Laing Charters, No. 809,

1 Inventory, East Lothian, No. 117.


295. Chapel, Chapel Brae, near Kilmux

xx S.E. 12 August 1927.



296. Lathrisk House. - This mansion, 1 3/4
miles north-east of Falkland, has been greatly
modernised, the only features of interest left
being two parallel vaulted chambers on the
ground floor. Sibbald in 1710 referred to it
as "the seat of Mr. Patrick Seaton, a cadet of
the Earls of Winton : a predecessor of his got
these lands by marrying the heiress, of the same
name with the lands - Lathrisk." ¹

1 History of Fife and Kinross (ed. 1803), p. 385.

xii S.E. 11 May 1928.

297. The Vault, Downfield. - This building,
much overgrown with grass and badly mutilated,
stands in the field adjoining Downfield Farm
on the north-east. It consists of a single
chamber, measuring 33 1/2 feet in length by 15 1/2
feet in breadth within walls of rough rubble
from 3 1/2 to 4 feet in thickness. The entrance,
whichh as been in the middle of the south wall,

-- II

is broken down, but the vaulted ceiling is still
intact. Four window slits, measuring from
4 to 6 inches outside and splayed internally,
serve for light, one on either side of the doorway
and one in each gable. The vault is of uncertain
antiquity but may be of 17th-century date.

xx N.E. 12 August 1927.

298. House, East Forthar. - Beside the farm
cottages of East Forthar farm are the remains
of a house of indeterminate date. It has been
at least two storeys in height. On plan it has
originally been oblong, measuring 22 feet
from north to south by 44 feet 2 inches from
east to west over walls 2 feet 2 inches thick.
An extension has been added at the south-east

xx N.W. 11 May 1928.

299. Dovecot, East Forthar. - The shell of a
dovecot, probably dating from the 18th
century, stands beside the farm-steading. It is
rectangular on plan, measuring 12 1/2 feet by 19 1/2

xx N.W. (unnoted). 11 May 1928.

300. Dovecot, Lathrisk Home Farm. - A late
17th-century dovecot of harled rubble stands
near the home farm. It is oblong on plan,
measuring 18 by 24 feet externally. Above
the entrance is an empty panel-space.

xix N.E. (unnoted). 11 May 1928.

301. Dovecot, Orkie. - The dovecot at Orkie
farm has been reduced in height and turned into
a hen-house. It is rectangular on plan, measur-
ing 19 1/2 feet by 13 feet.

xx N.W. (unnoted). 11 May 1928.


302. Fort, Bowden Hill. - Cultivation has
entirely obliterated all traces of any defensive
work on the crest of this hill, which rises
abruptly from the roadway on the west, and
slopes away in a gradual descent towards the
east and to the farm of Fronthill at the south-
east. Only the steeply rising slope shows
slight evidence of having been artificially
strengthened by a rather indefinite circum-
vallation or terrace, which extends round the

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