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plete. The wing contains two vaulted cellars,
now originally entered from the transe, but
now from outside. Each cellar has a hatch in
the ceiling. The east vault may be secondary.
Within the main block a long cellar, ceiled
with a lofty, pointed barrel-vault occupies the
space on the north side of the transe. It is
entered directly from the street through a
modern doorway. At the north-western corner

[Plan inserted]
FIG. 296. - "The Palace" or "Hospitium", Inverkeithing (No. 276).

there seems to have been a small newel-stair.
The cellar has latterly been subdivided, and an
entresol floor, approached by a wooden stair-
case, has been inserted within the southern
division. Its north gable contains a wide, arched
fireplace with a cupboard on each side. The
windows and doors are comparatively modern.
The upper floors of the main block have been
so extensively remodelled that the only feature
of special interest now traceable is a built-up
lancet window in the west wall at first-floor
level. On the other hand, the upper floors of
the wing, although partly rebuilt, have been
less completely altered. At first-floor level
the vaulted chamber at the east end is mainly
original, but the windows are modern. It has
a built-up fireplace in the east gable, while the
north wall shows the top of the original door
below. Above this chamber is another, which
has been modernised.
On the east side of "the Palace" lay a court,
the size of which is indeterminate, since of the
buildings that enclosed it on the three other
sides there remain but three vaulted cellars to
the north, clearly part of the undercroft of a
north range. These apartments are mainly of
the 14th century, but have been to some extent
reconstructed, since their vaults are badly
adjusted to the back wall. The most easterly
of them seems to have had a staircase passing
through the haunch of the vault at the south-

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