upper side there is a small hut-like recess in
the bank, and to the west of it there are low
indefinite mounds suggestive of small en-
closures. The rampart has been broad on
the lower slopes, but is much spread, and
above the scarp on the upper side is hardly
xxxiv. -- S.W. -- 23 July 1912.

23. Enclosure, Ryecastle. - Situated on the
crest of a low ridge some 374 feet above sea-
level and 1/3 mile east of Ryecastle is an oval
enclosure. It lies on the south side of an old
road running north-east from Perchhall, and is
partially within and partially without a large
wood. With its longest axis north-west and
south-east, it measures some 225 feet by 170
feet interiorly, and has been surrounded by a
stony bank some 20 feet broad at base, on
the sides and crest of which large blocks of
stone are in places exposed. The interior has
been slightly hollowed by excavation. On the
north-east, across an intervening area, is a
bank some 15 feet in height overlooking a burn,
and from the north face of the enclosure an
outer bank covered by a trench 20 feet wide
and 3 to 4 feet deep runs to it. Where it
impinges on the bank there is a circular de-
pression measuring 15 feet in diameter, sunk
some 3 feet below the natural level and sur-
rounded by a broad mound, on the face of
which are remains of walling. From this
hollow a channel, increasing from 3 to 5 feet in
width, leads eastward straight down the bank to
the edge of the burn, taking a course too steep
for a pathway. On the other hand, there
is no water channel into the hollow. The
periphery is complete at a height of from 3 to
5 feet above the present floor level; the steep
gradient of the channel seems to preclude the
idea of the construction having been a lime-
kiln. It bears a resemblance to the hollow
outside the enclosure on the Pyatshaws Rig
(No. 304).
xliii. -- N.W. ("Fort"). -- 8 August 1912.

24. Enclosure, Hangingshaw. - On the west
slope of a low round-topped ridge some 1/2 mile
to the east of Hangingshaw is a circular
enclosure in an old pasture field, measuring
about 100 feet in diameter. It is surrounded
by a bank, much spread out by ploughing,

some 24 feet broad at base and not above
2 feet in elevation. The entrance is from
the west.
xxxiii. -- S.E. ("Fort"). -- 8 August 1912.

25. Enclosure, Dinwoodie. - An oval en-
closure is situated on the east side of the
valley, at an elevation of some 370 feet
above sea-level and about 1/4 mile east-north-
east of Dinwoodie railway station. It lies
with its longest axis north and south, measures
from crest to crest 134 feet by 97 feet, and has
been surrounded by a stony bank, which is
scarcely perceptible on the upper or east side
but has an elevation of about 2 feet on the
west. The interior has been hollowed by
excavation, and lies some 2 feet below the
surrounding ground. The entrance, 6 feet
wide, has been from the west, and opens on
the lowest part of the interior. The site com-
mands a considerable prospect over Annan-
dale. It rests on a deep linn to the south.
xxxiii. -- S.E. ("Fort"). -- 14 August 1912.

26. Enclosure, Mid Hill. - In the hollow
which lies between the Mid Hill and Fir Tree
Hill are a number of bughts and other ancient
enclosures. One of the latter is a circular bowl-
shaped enclosure hollowed out to a depth of
about 4 feet and surrounded by a slight bank.
A number of old turf walls run around the
base of Fir Tree Hill, connected in some cases
with enclosures.
xliii. -- N.W. and N.E. (unnoted). -- 9 August

27. Construction, Balgray Cleuchheads. -
Along the east and south sides of a wooded
ravine, 200 yards to the west of Balgray
Cleuchheads, runs a bank of earth and stone,
making a return northward at its eastern
extremity. The construction is noted as a
"fort" on the O.S. map, but the remains are
fragmentary and the designation doubtful.
xliii. -- N.W. ("Fort"). -- 6 August 1912.

28. Heraldic Stone, Dinwoodie Mains. - Built
into the front of the porch of Dinwoodie
Mains farmhouse is a panel containing in
the centre a shield surrounded by strap-work
enrichment and bearing in chief two mullets

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