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ward. It is doubtful, however, if this is
original, as there is no break in the continuity
of the outer mound as it passes it.
xxxiii. N.W. 21 August 1912.

321. Fort, Mollin. - This fort is situated on
the crest of a ridge, at an elevation of 600
feet over sea-level and about 1/2 mile north by
east of the farm of Mollin. It appears to
have been an oval enclosure, with its longest
axis north and south, measuring interiorly
156 feet by 140 feet, divided by a cross
rampart or wall in such a way as to cut off
a semi-lunar segment, amounting to about
one-third of the interior area at the north end.
The whole enclosure has been surrounded by
a stony rampart, now of low elevation and
completely eradicated for a distance of some
80 or 90 feet on the south-east.
xxxiii. N.W. 21 August 1912.


322. Enclosure, Crunzierton Wood, Raehills.
- Situated on a shelf on the steeply sloping
ground within the Crunzierton Wood in the
policies of Raehills, a short distance from
the gamekeeper's cottage, is a circular en-
closure, measuring 102 feet in diameter,
surrounded by a wall or stony mound, now
of low elevation and some 13 feet in thick-
ness. The interior has been hollowed by ex-
cavation on the upper side to a depth of from
3 to 4 feet and is completely overlooked by
the rising ground to the west of it. There
is a wet spot, which is probably a spring, at
the west end, and there is an indication of
a cross-wall cutting off a segment towards
the north, as in the last-mentioned enclosure.
It lies at an elevation of 600 feet over sea-
level and some 30 to 40 feet above the road
which passes along the base of the slope. In
its position it bears a strong resemblance to
the hollowed enclosures in Eskdale.
xxxiii. N.W. (" Fort "). 21 August 1912.

323. Enclosure, Duff Kinnel Bank, Raehills.
- Situated on a level plateau on the western
slope of the valley of the Kinnel Water,
about 1/2 mile north-north-west of Raehills
House, is a fort at an elevation of 600 feet [Note] 500
over sea-level and some 30 feet above the
roadway. It is a circular construction, measur-
ing interiorly some 114 feet in diameter, and
has been surrounded by a massive wall or
rampart of stones, now structureless, measur-
ing at most 19 feet across and 5 feet in height.
Towards the edge of the slope to the roadway
the mound of stone is much more massive
than on the opposite side of the enceinte,
which is overlooked by the slope rising steeply
above it; nor is there any indication that the
defence has originally been so great on this
side. The entrance from the south-east is
clearly defined and measures 7 feet in
xxxiii. N.W. (" Fort "). 2

324. Enclosure, Duff Kinnel Bank, Raehills.
- Higher up, just on the brow of the hill and
some 200 yards distant from the last, is an
oval construction, lying with its longest axis
north and south and measuring 130 feet by
111 feet, also surrounded by a ruined wall or
stony rampart, of much slighter dimensions,
however, than that of the last enclosure,
measuring some 9 feet over all. About one-
third of the interior area at the south end has
been cut off by a cross-wall, and there are
indications of hollowing by excavation. The
wall of a later construction, probably enclosing
a wood now blown down, is partially super-
xxxiii. N.W. 1 21 August 1912.

325. Enclosure, Edgemoor. - This enclosure
is situated by the edge of the steep east bank
of the Kinnel Water, about 1/2 mile to the south-
west of the farm of Edgemoor. It has been
oval in form, lying with its longest axis east
by north and west by south, measuring 150
feet by 130 feet or thereby. Its north-west
arc has been destroyed in the formation of
a road, and the rest of its defence has been
greatly pillaged for stones. It has been
surrounded by a massive stone wall, of which
only a small section, some 40 feet in length,
remains on the north-west, adjacent to the
hedge bounding the road. The large blocks
which have formed the lower course on the
outer face still remain in situ, indicating a
breadth for the wall of some 10 feet. The
interior is lower by 2 or 3 feet than the sur-
rounding ground and is wet and overgrown
with rushes.

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