the burn, are suggestive of a ruined cist. The
altitude is about 900 feet.
xxiii. S.W. -- 7 June 1912.

72. Cairn, Threip Moor. - This cairn is situ-
ated on the crest of the watershed between the
Poldivan Burn and the Capel Water, about
1/4 mile west of the confluence of the streams
and nearly 1/2 mile east-north-east of where the
road running southward from Mitchellslacks
crosses the former. It has not been excavated,
and measures some 50 feet in diameter and
6 feet in elevation.
xxxii. N.W. -- 7 June 1912.

73. Cairn, Nether Dod. - On the southern
end of the long grassy hill which lies to the
east of Mitchellslacks and bears the name of
Nether Dod, at an elevation of some 950
feet over sea-level, are two cairns within
150 yards of each other. The one measures
39 feet in diameter and 4 feet in elevation,
while the other measures 30 feet in diameter
and 4 1/2 feet in elevation.
xxxii. N.E. -- 8 June 1912.

74. Cairn, (remains of), Auchencairn. - In a
grass park about 1/4 mile to the north of Auchen-
cairn farm house are the remains of a very
large circular cairn. Only a small segment
remains, and the site of the remainder has been
covered with gathered stones from the field.
The interment has probably long since been
disturbed. The field is known as the "Witches
xxxii. S.W. (unnoted). -- 12 June 1912.

75. Cairns, Gawin Moor. - Situated on Gawin
Moor, rather more than a mile to the north-
east of Auchencairn, is a group of eight or
nine small cairns. The largest, which has
measured some 18 feet in diameter, has been
Some 300 yards to the southward, on a
slight ridge overlooking a stretch of boggy
moorland to the west, is a much larger cairn,
measuring in diameter 62 feet and in elevation
8 feet. At one or two places excavations have
been made in it, but no cist or chamber has
been reached.

To the north and north-west of it lie several
small cairns measuring in diameter from 12
feet to 14 feet.
Some 200 yards to the southward, and near
the edge of the boggy land, lie the remains
of another circular cairn which has been ex-
cavated, and the remains of a short cist lie
exposed in the bottom of it. The cairn has
measured some 44 feet in diameter. The ex-
cavation, which was conducted in 1894, re-
vealed three cists: one, measuring 3 feet
6 inches in length by 1 foot 9 inches in
width, contained burnt earth and ashes; the
second, of which no dimensions are recorded,
contained similar remains; the third, which
is said to have measured only 2 feet by
1 1/2 feet, yielded fragments of a beaker urn
and a flint implement. No osseous remains
were found (Dumfries Standard, 5th July
Sixty yards or thereby to the north are the
remains of another and much smaller cairn,
also excavated.
The "Mid Cairn" is a large circular cairn,
on the crest of the moorland, 1 mile due east
of Auchencairn and 80 yards or thereby to the
east of the Drove Road. It measures some
54 feet in diameter and about 9 feet in eleva-
tion. Though it has been dug into to a small
extent it still remains unexcavated.
On the moorland, to the east of the
Drove Road, and about 3/4 mile north-east
from Auchencairn, is a cairn which has been
excavated. It has measured about 20 feet in
xxxii. S.W.-- 12 June 1912.

76. Cairn, Gufhill Rig, Knockenshang. - Some
200 yards south-south-east of the summit of
the hill which overlooks the road from Annan-
dale into Nithsdale by Loch Ettrick, 1/2
mile west of the farm of Knockenshang, and
just under an altitude of 900 feet over sea-
level, there is a large oval cairn overgrown
with grass except at the north end, where the
stones are exposed. It measures 93 feet from
north to south by 84 feet from east to west,
and rises to a height of 5 feet. Though a
slight excavation has been made in it at the
north end, the interment does not appear to
have been disturbed.
xxxii. N.W. -- 2 May 1913.

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