and appointed, and do by these Presents nominate, constitute, and
appoint you, the said Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell (Chairman),
Charles John Guthrie, Gerald Baldwin Brown, Thomas Hastie Bryce,
Francis Christian Buchanan, William Thomas Oldrieve, and Thomas
Ross to be Our Commissioners for the purposes of the said inquiry.
And for the better enabling you to carry out the purposes of this
Commission, We do by these Presents authorise you to call in the aid
and co-operation of owners of ancient monuments, inviting them to
assist you in furthering the objects of this Commission; and We do
further authorise and empower you to call before you such persons
as you may judge necessary by whom you may be the better informed
of the matters herein submitted for your consideration, and every
matter connected therewith, with power to invite the possessors of
such papers as you may deem it desirable to inspect to produce them
before you, and to inquire of and concerning the premises by all
other lawful ways and means whatsoever.
And We do further by these Presents authorise and empower
you, or any one or more of you, to visit and personally inspect such
places as you may deem expedient for the more effectual carrying
out of the purposes aforesaid.
And we do hereby direct that you, or any one or more of you,
may from time to time proceed in the execution of this Commission
and of every matter and thing herein contained.
And Our further Will and Pleasure is that you Our said Com-
missioners, or any three or more of you, do report to Us from time
to time in writing under your hands and seals all and every your
proceedings under and by virtue of these Presents.
And for your assistance in the execution of these Presents, We
do hereby nominate and appoint Our trusty and well-beloved
Alexander Ormiston Curle, Esquire, Writer to the Signet, one of the
Secretaries of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, to be Secretary
to this Our Commission.
And We ordain the said Letters Patent to be extended in the
most ample form, and to pass the Seal aforesaid per saltum, without
passing anyother Seal or Register. For doing whereof these Presents
shall be to the Director of Our Chancery for writing the same, and to
the Keeper of the said Seal for causing the same to be appended
thereto a sufficient Warrant.
Given at Our Court at Buckingham Palace the seventh day of
February 1908, in the eighth year of Our Reign.

By His Majesty's Command


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