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rampart a slight berm intervenes. The scarp
of the trench which is steep has a height
above the floor of from 12' to 15' while the
counterscarp has an elevation of 4' or 5'.
The entrance, as already stated in the centre of
the NE. [North East] end, has a width of 5' where it passes
through the rampart and 14' as it crosses
the trench. Some 24' in front of the passage
over the trench covering the entrance but extending chiefly to the E. [East]
is an outer trench visible
for a length of some 36' with a width of 17'.
The angles of the fort are rounded off and
the trench at the SW. [South West] end is for some
distance cut through rock.
An ancient track or bridle path known as
the Well Path leads Northward along the
East side of the glen through the hills into
the Dalveen pass, and a section of the Deil's
dyke which curves round the base of the
Black Hill thence up the right bank of
the Kirk Burn trending straight for this
fort terminates at the edge of the enclosed land about 1/4 m. [mile] distant from it.
This day closed with a deluge of rain &
I had to relinquish the planning of the fort.

July 28.
After a visit to London to give evidence before
a select committee of Parliament on the

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