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stone wall, the foundations of which are clearly
discernible, enclosing an area measuring
53' by 14'. There is no sign of a trench at the
base and it is difficult to say what this has
been & to what period it belongs.

Fleuchlarg White Cairns.
Situated in arable land some 200 yds. [yards] W. [West] by
S. [South] of Fleucharg farm house are the remains of a
long cairn known as the White Cairn. It lies
with its longest axis NNE. [North North East] and SSW. [South South West] and has
extended to a length of 140' with a width of
some 30' at the N [North] end and 80' at the S. [South] It has
been greatly demolished from the N. [North] end
but for the last 50' Southward it is still
a massive construction with an elevation
of 12'

6th June 1912.
Left the Craigdarroch Arms at Moniaive where
Ihave been very comfortable, I doing a day's
work with my bicycle while my luggage was
sent ahead by a trap to Capenoch where Mr.
Gladstone has with great kindness bidden me to

Cross-Shaft Hastings hall.

Hastings Hall is situated at the W. [West] end of the
village of Moniaive and there set up in a
rockery is a portion of a cross consisting of the shaft and lower arm believed to have been
brought from near Stroanfreggan in the Stewartry
many years since. The stone which is

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