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lying against the E. [East] wall of the chancel in the
interior is a fragment of an arcaded frieze containing
figures of the apostles. Three complete figures
remain in the fragment which measures
3' 2" in length by 2' 10" in depth. I took a photo:
:graph of it as the thick moss with which it was
in large measure covered suggested that Mas G.
had not. The Moss I easily removed with my
large knife. Lying in the S. [South] transeplet chapel
is a large flat slab of which I made a rubbing
inscribed in letters of relief around the edge.
"Heir lyes one honest man Alexander Couper
Mason 1588." Harper gives one or two
other inscriptions which I did not obtain - one
on a much worn moss covered slab adjacent to
the above.

Mote of Lincluden
This mote hill so conspicuous to anyone
approaching the ruins of the College of Lincluden
has been formed from the Western extremity
of a natural ridge which rising by a gradual
slope from the E. [East] extends for a about 100 yds. [yards]
in length. On the S. [South] flows the Cluden Water
bending away on a South Easterly course
and a short distance from its base on the
north lie the ruins. To the proximity of the
College is no doubt attributable some of

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