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two of them, probably remaining upright, the
rest being overturned or to a greater degree
displaced. The stones have not been large
the longest of which the full extent is exposed
being 3' 10" and the highest in site extending
to 3' above ground level. They have seemingly
been placed with their flat faces in the line
of the circumference of the circle. The diameter
has probably been from 60' to 70'. On the upper
side of a stone on the E. [East] arc of the circle
are three small circular depressions which
are in alignment and have a somewhat ar:
:tificial appearance but as undoubted natural pitting
occurs on all sides of the stone it is very
doubtful if they can be regarded as artificial
cup markings.

25 May
Wrote up notes in the morning and after lunch
bicycled with J. to Sweetheart Abbey a beautiful
ruin which we saw under perfect weather con:
:ditions. In the evening we went to The Grove &
stayed till Monday.

27 May 1912
"Mote" of Tregallon
Somewhat less than a 1/4 m. [mile] to the S. W. [South West] of the
farm of Tregallan is a slight eminence
within an oak wood on which are the
remains of a fort. It is bounded by a
glen some 20' deep below the summit on

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