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diminishes to 13' or thereby. The enceinte is im:
:perfect and has entirely disappeared on the W. [West]
but as far as remaining measures 95' in length
by 72' in breadth with its longest axis ENE [East North East] and
WSW. [West South West].

Trowdale "Mote" (10b)
Situated in low lying swampy ground about
1/4 m. [mile] SW. [South West] of Trowdale farm is a small de:
:fensive site. A small circular mound
scarce rising above the general level and
measuring some 56' in diameter is surrounded
by two concentric ditches separated by a
low mound. The inner ditch measures
some 28' in width, the intervening mound
18' and the outer ditch about 13'. Both
ditches appear to have held water and
probably do so still in wet weather. From
the E. [East] a bank about 10' wide crosses the
inner ditch as if forming an approach to
the central mound. A broad gap in the
mound that separates the ditches towards
the SE. [South East] is probably secondary for drainage purposes and other
smaller breaks in the periphery may be
similarly so or as Mr. Coles suggests they
may have utilised for bringing water into the
ditches. Around the central mound there
protrude the heads of large stones suggesting

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