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some 60' W. [West] of the end of the church is a rough
unhewn pillar of whinstone which has the appearance
of an ancient monument but locally said to
mark the grave of a witch. It measures 4'.6"
in height above ground, 2' in breadth and
9" in thickness and slightly tapers towards the
top. There is no carving or trace of inscription
upon it.
Old Mortality was a native of this parish
and there is a monument to him in the
churchyard, also a martyrs' tomb of
comparatively late date. There are no other
stones worthy of notice.

Standing Stone Dalarran Holm. (5)
At the N. [North] end of Dalarran Holm about 100
yds. [yards] E. [East] of the Water of Ken stands a broad
whinstone slab measuring 8'.6 1/2" in height
3'.8" in breadth at base, 2' at the top, and 11"
on average in thickness. It faces E [East] and W. [West]
The original skin has almost entirely flaked off
both faces and there is no indication of
any symbol or inscription left.

2nd Augt. [August] 1911.
Very warm. Took a day bicycling to see objects near
at hand.

Parton Par. [Parish] ? Mound
At the W. [West] end of Loch Lurkie, planted over and
partially destroyed by the road which has
passed through it is a slight stony mound

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