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the latter direction but except for a slight
bank of stones marking its outline it has been
entirely cleared away from the W. [West] end for a dis:
:tance of nearly 50'. Its extreme length has been
103'; its breadth at the W. [West] end 25', at 26' Eastwards
32', and at its greatest maximum towards the E. [East]
end 65' where also it remains to a height of 10'.
There is no indication of a frontal semicircle.
At two or three places on the top slight excava:
:tions have been made but no chamber or cist
is exposed.
Near the farm I looked at a setting of
stones which the parish minister thought
might be a stone circle but I satisfied
myself that it was not so.
We had a beautiful day in most lovely hill
country and got home at 7.0.

1st Augt. 1911.
Off to Dalry parish again by car in
rather doubtful weather.

Dalry Par. [Parish] Stroanfreggan Cairn. 9.
Situated at the edge of a bank on low
lying ground near the Stroanfreggan Burn
is a large circular cairn which has been
much used as a quarry and during such
operations as recently as last year a cist
was exposed sunk beneath the natural surface
in the interior. The cairn has measured

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