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in the churchyard. When I started rain was falling
very heavily but by 12.0 it stopped and the
afternoon was beautiful. I followed the road up the
left bank of the Cree through beautiful woods for the
last mile to Burnfoot Cottage where leaving my bicycle
I followed a rough bridle path through the Wood of Cree
to the shepherd's house at Cordorcan.

Minnigaff Thieve's Stanes (29)
E [East] by S. [South] of Cordorcan about 1 1/4 [miles] across the
glen of the Cordorcan burn and on the top
of the ridge which lies to the E. [East] of it at an elevation
of 800' over sea level are two large standing
stones 14'.6" apart. They are angular blocks
of whinstone the most ? S'ly [Southerly] measuring 6'.8" in
height above ground level and the other 7'.4".
The former is triangular in section, the longest side
measuring 2'.1", and the latter is four sided, its
greatest breadth at base being 1'.8" & greatest
thickness 1'.4". The stones are placed converging
towards the [--] and may have formed part of
a stone aisle. They are placed near the
[--] end of an elliptical enclosure measuring
30' from [--] to [--] by 25'.9" from [--] to [--]
formed by what appears to have been a low
rubble wall the stones of which are now displaced
& for the most part overgrown with turf, & in its
present state measuring from 3'.4" to 5'.4" in thickness.

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