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in elevation 5'. At 15' inwards from the SE [South East] edge
a megalithic chamber has been exposed lying
NW. [North West] and SE. [South East] and measuring 7' in length by 3'
in breadth.
To reach this cairn from the road on the E [East]
we had a long walk through heavy rain and
mist and experienced some difficulty in locating
it. At Bargrennan we visited the "White
Cairn". Mr. Hay had cleared out all the stones
from the interior but had not yet examined the
soil on the floor.

Glencaird. House. Carved stones
Built into the front gables of Glencaird house near
the apex are two carved stones said to have
been taken from the old house of Eschonchan.
The stone on the westmost of the gables bears within
a circular moulding, the date 1694 beneath
the initials I MK. and A H with armorial bearings
two ravens transfixed by an arrow above a left
hand appaumé. The stone on the other gable
bears a date partly obliterated but which seems to
belong to the 16th century. In the centre a circular
compartment is charged heraldically (see "Harper"
for this.) and beneath it are the initials A H.
Each stone is about 2' square.

Ancient Bridge Minniwick.
Crossing the Minnock about 1 1/2 M. [Miles] above its
junction with the Cree is an ancient bridge

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