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the portion of wall on the left which separated the chamber
from the passage had been removed down to the founda:
:tion. The chamber extended inward following
the curve of the broch wall for a distance of 10'.
At 5' inward a large block with building at the back
of it projected outwards from the WSW. [West South West] wall for a
distance of 3'.6" dividing the chamber into two compart:
:ments, the outer one measuring 5' in breadth and
the inner one 3'. At the entrance to the guard-
-chamber the main passage had a width of 2'
and where it opened on the courtyard 2'.3". The
extreme length was 12'.6". There were no traces
of door checks but at the inner extremity a
sill some 6" broad projected slightly above
the floor level. The interior court measured 29'
in diameter. The natural surface was very
uneven with outcropping rock but there were
indications of levelling up and of a floor of
flags having been laid over the top. The
greatest height of wall visible in the interior
was 2'.4" but for a 1/3 of the periphery the
wall had been almost entirely removed,
the position of the stair was consequently
unobtainable. The building was very good
the spaces between the larger stones being
very neatly filled with small flat fragments.

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