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second and thinner wall and there are indications
of it crossing the interior towards the S. [South] end.
The interior measurements, as far as ascertainable,
are length 140' breadth 66'. The
W. [West] wall appears to overlap at the S. [South] end and to
contain a chamber in rear of it but these details
are not accurately ascertainable without excavation.

Ring Mark Long Maiden Feys
In the Long Maiden Feys on the farm of
Blairbuie S. [South] of the Fell of Barhullion and
about 1/4 m. [mile] N. [North] of Laroch farm buildings is a
low flat outcrop of rock on the surface of
which there is a single large ring mark
consisting of 5 Concentric rings with no
radial groove, The symbol is slightly imperfect at one
side owing to a fracture of the rock (See rubbing)

Cup & ring Marks Big Balcraig
On the farm of Balcraig on the N. [North] side of the
road from Port William and about 1/4 W. [West] of
the Smithy at Myrton are a number of
cup and ring marks at the S. [South] end of a rock,
facing due N. [North] (see rubbings)
The rock is situated some [--] from
the road and may be identified by the thicket
of whin & blackthorn growing on the end of it.

Cup & ring Marks
To the E. [East] of the end of the wood which runs S. [South]
from Clarksburn Smithy is a rock sculp:
:tured with cup & ring markings. The field

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6 lines from bottom - missing distance is 130 yards (see the 'Fifth Report and Inventory of Monuments and Constructions in Galloway, Volume 2, County of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright' (1914))

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