Administrative regions In the course of the Middle Ages, the unity of the sheriffdoms had been breached by the appearance of enclaves of part of one sheriffdom within another. Similar disjunctions were common in baronial, burghal and ecclesiastical lands and jurisdictions. The sheriffdoms came to be referred to as shires, then as counties. There had been earlier attempts to rationalise county boundaries, but until ~ County boundaries which were unchanged after 1890 ________ County boundaries which were changed to some extent after 1890 1748 apart for the arrangements made for Cromarty and Kinross these had had little effect. In 1748, with respect to jurisdiction only, lands which were disunited from a shire were to be restored or annexed to the shire or shires respectively within which the lands locally lay; and where the lands lay between two shires, they were annexed to the shire of the head burgh of which they were nearest adjacent. .4f)~ (Lordship ofShettfd) Counties before 1890 o I o 2,5 i 10 20 kms 5p, 30 miles 7;; , 50 100 60 PGBM

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