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John Brown
William McCulloch
035 [situation] 2 miles (nearly) west of Mull (farm house)
A Small rock covered at high water mark.-
Red Cave
John Brown
William McCulloch
035 [situation] About 5 chains East of Speat
A cave the entrance of which is close at high water mark. It extends in for about 10 feet. -
NICK OF KINDRAM Nick of Kindram
Nick of Kindram
Nick of Kindram
Robert Bone
John Brown
William McCulloch
035 [situation] 10 chains NE [North east] of Speat
A small green hollow near the brinK of the precipice which overhangs the Sea. The derivation of its name is unknown. It is on the farm of Auchneight.

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[note] "Nick" an opening between the summit of two hills.
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