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MULDADDIE Muldaddie.
William Gibson.
William McBride.
Proprietor's Rent Roll.
031 [Situation] About 1/4 mile SW by W [South West by West] of Port Logan.
A good thatched farm house and out houses partly in good repair with a farm of about 100 acres of land attached, a portion of which is at present in a state of uncultivation. Occupied by Andrew McGregory. The property of Col [Colonel] McDowall of Logan. -
MANXMAN'S ROCK Manxman's Rock.
Manxman's Rock.
John Chambers.
William Todd.
031 [Situation] About 1/4 mile west of Port Logan.
A flat projecting rock covered at high water, it takes its name from a vessel being wrecked about it from the Isle of Man.
SCRANGIE Scrangie.
John Chamber.
William Todd.
031 [Situation] About 10 chains SW. [South West] of Manxman's Rock.
A Rock on the Sea coast surrounded by high water, it is well known by fishermen and used by them as a fishing seat when Angling.

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