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Allan Easy
Smith Horner
Andrew McNeil
015 [Situation] 4 or 5 chains South Side of Blue Holes
A fishing seat on the Shore of the Farm of Galdenoch used by fishermen in fishing with rod & Line, Situate near Barney's leap
BARNY'S LEAP Barny's leap
Barny's leap
William Horner
John McCutchon
015 [Situation] Near Allan Easy nearly 2 miles W.S.W. [West South West] from Lochnaw Castle
A steep rocky precipice on the Shore of the farm of Galenoch near Allan Easy. A Story is told of a man named (after the country phrase) Barny who leaped from the top of the precipice to the bottom which circumstances gave rise to the name
CAPTAIN'S CAVE Captain's Cave
Captain's Cave
Smith Horner
Andrew McNeil
015 [Situation] About 4 Chains South from Barny's Leap
A considerable Cave in the rock on the Sea coast situate South of Allan Easy where it is said a sea Captain took refuge on being Cast ashore during a storm when his vessel was wrecked and most of the hands lost

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Page 47- Allan Easy
44- Barny's Leap - Barney - abrev. [abreviation] of the name Barnaby or Barnabas - Dr. [Doctor] Jamieson's Scot [Scottish] Dictionary
48- Captain's Cave

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