List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
SHELL ACRE Shell Acre Robert Stroyan Barr 014 one Acre of Land allowed as common By the Earl of Galloway, Chiefly for the use of old Carty port -
LOCHINALING Lochinaling Archibald Geddies 013 A Small Loch on the Bar farm. Nearly Reduced to a Quagmire
BACK MOSS Back Moss Hugh McMuldroch Back Moss 013 A Cotters Dwelling With Eight acres of Land attached Sublet off Baltersan Farm

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[Page] 69
Plan 13D -- List of Names collected by Dennis Kildoyle 2nd Examiner
N of Trace 6
Shell Acre - Quay
Lochinaling - Loch
Back Moss - House etc

[Parish] Penninghame

[Signed] Dennis Kildoyle
C.A. [Civilian Assistant] April 27th 1846

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"Shell Acre" is on adjoining map sheet 14.

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