List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BARRHILL WOOD Barrhill Wood Mr Andrew McQueen Farmer Barr Nether
Mr J. McHarg Farmer [Barbuchany]
Mr J. Ray Farmer Barrhill
Mr Robert Stroyan Farmer Barr
013 An Extensive young Wood Embracing all the plantations on Barrhill varying from 4 or 12 years growth Composed chiefly of Larch and Spruce Deals Some oak and Scotch Fir on the farm of Barr Nether
DRUMS OF BARR Drums of Barr Mr Robert Stroyan Farmer Barr
H. McMuldroch, Back [Moss]
013 Two Large fields all clean Good Land on Barr Farm

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[Page] 48
List of Names collected by Dennis Kildoyle 2nd Examiner 20th April 1846
No. of Plan 13D
Page 6
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Barhill [Int]
Bar hill [N North]
Bar hill [Inte]

Barrhill Wood - Wood
Drums of Barr - Two Fields

[Signed] Dennis Kildoyle 1st May [1846]

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