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[Left hand side of letter]

OSO [Ordnance Survey Office ] -
16th June 1846 --

Supply the names
of the authorities for Ghost Knowe. --

This is not the
Myrton refered
to in the Gazetteer
of Scotland, but
do not take any trouble
about that, only supply
the authorities as above required.
By Order WS Loop
Secd Corpl [Second Corporal] RSM [Royal Sappers & Miners]
c/a [Civilian Assistant] Kilboyle

[Right hand side of letter - the reply ]

June 19th. 1846



I was wrong the Castle
of Merton is in Mochrum
Still Standing -
I had no hesitation in writing the word Castle,
it being termed so by
each of these authorities
given, living on the land
from their infancy their ages
will be about 50, 70, 75 years.
I think the authority [record] of
Session may Stand good
as thinking prisoners being removed from Castle ward
to Myrton, Ph [Parish] of Penninghame.
To Lieut [Lieutenant] W.D. Gosset Royal Engineers.
[Signed] D. Kildoyle

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