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Mairton Hall
Merton Hall
Merton Hall
List of Properties 1842
Ainslie's Map 1782
Statistics Wigton 1841
George McHaffie Esqr.
013 [Situation] 3 Miles S.W. [South West] of Newtonstewart.
A Superior Mansion, with convenient out offices attached, and to which are annexed Garden orchard Pleasure Grounds etc. The property of E. Boyd Esqr.
List of Properties 1842
Ainslie's Map 1782
George McHaffie Esqr.
013 [Situation] 1/4 mile S.W. [South West] of Merton Hall.
An ordinary farm house with convenient outhouses etc attached, and about 30 acres of Land. The Property of E. Boyd Esqr.
Hazlie Green
Hazley Green
Hazley Green
Hazley Green
Hazelly Green
List of Properties 1842
Record of Session
Nathaniel McNish
Willaim Dunn
J. McSkimming
Ainslie's Map 1782
George McHaffie Esqr.
013 [Situation] N.E [North East] of Merton Hall.
A small Cottage etc belonging to the Merton Hall Demesne.

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Parish of Penninghame
Form 136 Page
80 Merton Hall
80 Barnean
41; 80 Hazley Green


By a Charter of James III dated the 10th December 1477. Myreton, in the
Parish of Penninghame, was granted, to John Kennedy of Blairquhan.
and made a burgh of barony. It no longer exists: a gentlemans seat called Myreton Hall being built
where the Village stood. Hist [History] Galloway Vol [Volume] 1 P [Page] 413 (note) Caledonia Vol [Volume] III p [page] 409

In Wigtonshire the Mackies once held the Barony of Myrton which was from them called Myrton Mackie to distinguish it from Myrton MacCulloch
Myrton Mackie, passed to the Herises when it was distinguished by the name of Myrton Heris. Chalmers Caledonia Vol. [Volume] III p [page] 389

"Barr" - The top, The uppermost part of any thing;
"Eang" A point of land, a skirt, a nook, a corner, a small portion etc
"Gaelic Dictionary"

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