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Mr. William Cowan
George McHaffie Esqr.
006 [Situation] 1 Mile NW [North West of Artfield Fell
A heathy hill on the farm of Kilmacfadzean
MULNIEGARROCH or PURGATORY BURN Mulniegarroch or Purgatory Burn
Mulnagarroch Burn
Mulnagarroch Burn
Mr. William Cowan
Mr. William Cowan
George McHaffie Esqr
006 [Situation] ½ Mile NW [North West] of Artfield Fell
A considerable stream running into thw Water of Tarf. It is generally called "Purgatory Burn" but Mulniegarroch Burn is said to be the Ancient name.
The Glaster
Mr. William Cowan
George McHaffie Esqr.
006 [Situation] 1 Mile W by N [West by North] of Artfield Fell
A small heathy hill situated in a Moss, on the farm of Kilmacfadzean.

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36 Mulniegarroch
36 Mulniegarroch or Purgatory Burn
36 The Glaster

[Note] Mulniegarroch Burn
I think, tho' [thought] I must confess Ignorance of the locality, that the Ancient name should be retained.

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