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James Osburn
Map of Cairnhill 1846
John McCamon
George McHaffie Esqr.
004 [Situation] About ¾ mile South of Corsewall Lighthouse ¼ mile East from the sea shore
A plot of high ground of a ridgelike shape or serpentine in its appearance resembling a sand bank formed by the action of water situate on the farms of Cairnside and Barnshill the part of this ridge situate in Cairnside is now cultivated
John McCamon
James Brown
William Black Esqr. Stranraer
Ainslie's Map 1782
Rl Engrs [Royal Engineers] Map 1819
George McHaffie Esqr.
004 [Situation] ⅞ mile SE [South East] off Corsewall Lighthouse & one mile East of the Sea shore at Illan-na- guy
A commodious farm house and outhouses all in good repair with a farm attached of about 285 acres it is about 3 miles N.W [North West] of the village of Kirkcolm- occupied by John McCamon The property of the Earl of Stair- near the west side of this farm house is a Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Station Called by Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Party Baron weathercock. It consists of a weathercock erected on a wall on a slight eminence It is so called by Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Party Probably from the name of farm

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Parish of KirKcolm

Form 136
Page - 57 - Drangan
- 62 - Barnhills

[Drangan] This name is pronounced "Drangan" in the County
Signed James Carpenter C.A [Civil Assistant]

"Dronn" - A ridge. The back.
"An" - Termination of nouns singular implying the [diminutive]
of that to which it is annexed.
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