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"St. Magdalene's on the east of the town was an hospitium or place of entertainment for
Strangers. It had originally belonged to a set of Lazarites but on their extinction or
Secularization it was applied to this purpose according to the beneficial institution of James I. The
eminence at the bottom of which this hospital Stood was designed Pilgrim-hill. The Union
Canal now passes over it."
New Stat Acct [Statistical Account] of Linlithgowshire page 175

In the vicinity of this town there was an old establishment of the Lazarites. This
house seems to have fallen into decay and was restored under James I as an hospitium
for the entertainment of pilgrims which was dedicated to Mary Magdalene and was go-
-verned by a preceptor.
This hospitium Stood on the eastern side of the town at the base of an eminence
that is still called Pilgrim's Hill. One of the ancient fairs of Linlithgow is still named
Mary Magdalene's Fair. In 1426 James I. on his queen's reccommendation appointed Robert
de Linton the preceptor of Mary Magdalene's hospital. In 1528 James Knolls canon of
Ross and preceptor of this house granted with consent of the archbishop of St. Andrews
the whole lands which belonged to this establishment to Sir James Hamilton of Finard
and this grant was confirmed by James V. This favourite having plotted against
the life of his Sovereign was Convicted and executed as we have seen.
Chalmer's Caledonia vol. [volume] 2 page 874

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