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"The church which being situated in the town is near the mass of the population
is a very fine building of great antiquity and one of the most perfect existing
Specimens of the early ecclesiastical architecture of Scotland. It is supposed to have
have been founded by David I., that, "Sair saunt for the crown". By recent, its length
is 187 feet and its breadth including the aisles 105 feet. From the centre of the west from
there rises a square tower which was formerly by an imperial crown. This however was
removed a number of years ago from an apprehension that it was too weighty for the
tower. At the time of its removal it was proposed to replace by a similar crown made of iron
This however has never been effected. Some of the windows are very beautiful and previous
to the Reformation the exterior was decorated with statues of which only one now remains
that of St. Michael the old patron Saint of the burgh. The church with its pertinents was
assigned by David I. to the prior and canons of St. Andrews. It was afterwards served by
perpetual vicars several of whom attained high in the church. Formerly the west end was
used as the place of worship. In 1812 the east end was up as a church at a cost of nearly
£4000 and now forms very elegant church seated for 1100 persons. The charge was once
collegiate but has been long single. In some accounts mention is made of an abro-
gated parish that of Binny having been at the Reformation united to the parish of
Linlithgow. Some however doubt whether Binny was ever a distinct parish and conceive
that the chapel there was subsidiary to the church at Linlithgow". New Statistical Account of Linlithgow page 184

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