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PALACE Continued 001 cut with a crown and three figures, and beneath are three shields, the Centre one bearing a griffin rampant, the Other two being plain and the ground of the pannelhe pannel being sculptured with the fleur de lis; this entrance was closed up by James V, when he opened the present entrance On the South. The present approach is from the S. [South] by a narrow lane leading up from the Cross and terminates, at St Michael's Church, a fortified gateway leading into the grounds where formerly was an Outer Court, This Gateway is a low structure of polished Sandstone and is flanked at the S.E. [South East] and S.W. [South West] Angles by Octagonal towers, with recesses, loopholes the outside walls terminate with a parapet resting on a Rope Moulding, above the gateway is a space divided into four by Moulded Mullions and in which are beautifully Sculptured in Relief the Orders of the Garter, St Andrew, St. Michael & the Golden Fleece. This gate leads to the S. [South] side of the palace in which is now the principal entrance by a porch or gateway flanked with cCrcular towers and pierced, like the other with loopholes - the interior of this gateway is arched and braced with strong stone ribs, moulded, and spring from Corbels and tied at the Apex with a Knot on which is Cut a lion rampant and Crown, this Arch leads into the inner Court or quadrangle which presents a more pleasing and very different appearance from the exterior. The Palace seems to have been principally lighted from this Court as the windows are numerous and different in style. The East side is rather sombre, having

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