Place names

These volumes provide information on the place names found in the Sutherland parishes of Assynt, Clyne, Loth, Golspie, Farr, Kildonan, Lairg, Rogart, Creich, Dornoch, Durness, Eddrachillis, and Tongue between 1871-1875.

9122 place names

ACHLIGHNESSOS1/33/17/100Sutherland, volume 17
ACHLYNESS 1-inch Revision Oct. 1894OS1/33/17/100Sutherland, volume 17
ACHMELVICHOS1/33/1/15Sutherland, volume 01
ACHMELVICH BAYOS1/33/1/15Sutherland, volume 01
ACHMHOLLTAIRAICHOS1/33/35/26Sutherland, volume 35
ACHMORE 1-inch Revision Oct. 1894OS1/33/16/50Sutherland, volume 16
ACHNABAT 1-inch Revision Oct. 1894OS1/33/11/77Sutherland, volume 11
ACHNABOURIN 1-inch Revision Oct. 1894OS1/33/20/129Sutherland, volume 20
ACHNABURINOS1/33/20/129Sutherland, volume 20
ACHNACARNIN 1-inch Revision October 1894.OS1/33/18/103Sutherland, volume 18
ACHNACLACH 1-inch Revision Oct. 1894OS1/33/12/68Sutherland, volume 12
ACHNACOILEOS1/33/26/67Sutherland, volume 26
ACHNAGARRON 1-inch Revision Oct.1894.OS1/33/34/62Sutherland, volume 34
ACHNAHUAIGHEOS1/33/35/14Sutherland, volume 35
ACHNALUACHRACH 1-inch Revision October 1894.OS1/33/29/24Sutherland, volume 29
ACHNAMBATOS1/33/11/77Sutherland, volume 11
ACHNAMEANNOS1/33/26/67Sutherland, volume 26
ACHNAMMEANNOS1/33/26/67Sutherland, volume 26
ACHNAMOINE 1-inch Revision Oct. 1894.OS1/33/34/69Sutherland, volume 34
ACHNAMOINE 1-inch Revision October 1894.OS1/33/26/11Sutherland, volume 26