Place names

These volumes provide information on the place names found in the Sutherland parishes of Assynt, Clyne, Loth, Golspie, Farr, Kildonan, Lairg, Rogart, Creich, Dornoch, Durness, Eddrachillis, and Tongue between 1871-1875.

9122 place names

ABHAINN A' MHAIL AIRDOS1/33/21/69Sutherland, volume 21
ABHAINN A' MHAIL AIRDOS1/33/22/14Sutherland, volume 22
ABHAINN AN T-SLUGAITEOS1/33/3/63Sutherland, volume 03
ABHAINN AN T-SLUGAITEOS1/33/29/12Sutherland, volume 29
ABHAINN AN T-SLUGAITEOS1/33/34/10Sutherland, volume 34
ABHAINN CNOC FHINNOS1/33/20/314Sutherland, volume 20
ABHAINN GHOILEACHOS1/33/34/6Sutherland, volume 34
ABHAINN GHOILTEIG 1-inch Revision October 1894.OS1/33/34/6Sutherland, volume 34
ABHAINN LEUDAICHTEOS1/33/29/32Sutherland, volume 29
ABHAINN LEUDAICHTEOS1/33/34/56Sutherland, volume 34
ABHAINN NA BRUAICHE DUIBHEOS1/33/3/52Sutherland, volume 03
ABHAINN NA FRÌTHEOS1/33/4/10Sutherland, volume 04
ABHAINN NA FRITHEOS1/33/26/32Sutherland, volume 26
ABHAINN SGEITHEOS1/33/3/60Sutherland, volume 03
ABHAINN SGEITHEOS1/33/29/5Sutherland, volume 29
ABHAINN SGEITHEACHOS1/33/31/51Sutherland, volume 31
ABHAINN SGEITHEACH 1-inch Revision October 1894.OS1/33/29/5Sutherland, volume 29
ABHUINN CNOC FHINNOS1/33/26/83Sutherland, volume 26
ACAIRSEID CHOINNICH OIGOS1/33/16/2Sutherland, volume 16
ACARSEID MHIC MHURCHAIDH OIGOS1/33/17/113Sutherland, volume 17