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COIR' AN TORCAIN Coir' an Torcain
Coir' an Torcain
Rvd. [Reverend] J M Joass Golspie
Mr. Murdoch McKay, Shepherd Cnocan By Lairg
086 THis name applies to a Small corry, about a mile South of the River Brora. The name Signifies the Boars hollow His Grace The Duke of Sutherland Pro. [Proprietor]
ALLT COIR' AN TORCAIN Allt Coir' an Torcain
Allt Coir' an Torcain
Rvd. [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Mr. Murdoch McKay
086 This name applies to a Small mountain stream, having its Source in Coire an Torcain, and after flowing in a westerly direction for about two miles it joins Allt Geal. The name Signifies Stream of the Boars hollow
ALLT NAN GÀIDHEAL Allt nan Gàidheal
Allt nan Gàidheal
Rvd. [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Mr. Murdoch McKay
086 Applies to a Small Stream having its Source on the South side of Creag nam fiadh bheag, and flows into the River Brora, on the South Side. The name Signifies THe Highlanders burn
ALLT LÒN NA CLOICHE-BHUAILE For Authorities and Description see Name Book of 1/2500 Work

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County of Sutherland -- Parish of Rogart

Allt nan Gàidheal [Note]
Ghaidhils [circled] Macleod & Dewar's Dict [Dictionary]

Allt nan Gaidheal [Note]
See Creag nan Gaidheal page 20

Allt Lòn na Cloiche-bhuaile [Note]
gen. sing. [genitive singular] Cloiche
dat. sing. [dative singular] Cloich

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