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Ordnance Survey Office
21st. July 1871

Revd. [Reverend] Sir
I have been informed that
"Helmsdale and district adjoining was
"separated from the parish of Loth by
"the Court of Teinds in 1847 and added
"to the parish of Kildonan Quoad Civilia
"as well as Quoad Sacra and Helmsdale
"Church is the parish Church of Kildonan."
Will you have the goodness to inform
me if the foregoing is correct, but if it
be not correct, is the portion of Loth parish
which includes the village of Helmsdale
annexed to Kildonan parish Quoad Sacra
only and not Quoad Civilia?
To what parish does the Inspector of
the Poor belong who exercises that duty
over that part of the parish of Loth
which has been annexed to Kildonan

In 1847 that Portion of
the Parish of Loth which
lies between the farm of Garvault
and Caithness was separated
and disjoined from said
Parish, by the Court of Teinds
and annexed to the parish
of Kildonan Quoad Omnia.

To the Parish of Kildonan

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