List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CNOC A' GHEODHA RUAIDH Cnoc a' Gheodha Ruaidh Revd. [Reverend] J M Joass M A [Master of Arts] Angus McKay Achriesgill 004 A Knoll situate nearly two miles north of Sandwood Loch signifying the "Knoll of the red Cove"
AMHAINN SRATH NA CAILLICH Amhainn Srath na Caillich Revd. [Reverend] J M Joass M A [Master of Arts]
Angus McKay Achriesgill
004 A large River the continuation of Alt a Ghobhair flowing in a westerly direction receiving Allt Bealach Coire na Caoidh, Allt Eileach na Claise, Allt Cnoc na Sithe, and Allt Lochan a Gheodha Ruaidh on the north side, and on the south Alltan Dubh, & Alltan Lionmhoir, falling into the sea at Bun Amhainn an t-Srath-Chaillich
STRATH CHAILLACH RIVER Strath Chaillach River Evander McIver Esq. factor Scourie.
See 1-inch Name list of sh. [sheet] 113 submitted to him
Mr. Donald Ross shd. [shepherd] Grudie
Mr. R. McCallum fmr. [farmer] Sheigra
Duke of Sutherland's map 1853-68

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Sheet 4 -- Parish of Edderachylis -- County of Sutherland

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