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ALLT NA FEITHE BUIDHE Allt na Feith Bhuidhe Mr. J. McKenzie
Mr. D. Munro
042 This name Signifies "Burn of the Yellow Moss" and applies to a mountain stream which Collects a short distance West of Loch na Meidie and flows in a North Westerly direction until it joins Allt a' Chraois near the latters junction with Amhainn an t-Sratha Mhòir.
ALLT A' CHÀRN-ACHAIDH Allt a' Chàrn-achaidh Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Joass
Mr. John McKenzie
042 This name signifies "Carnfield Burn" and applies to a stream which Collects between Cnoc an t-Sabhail and Càrn-Achaidh and flows in a South Westerly direction until it joins Amhainn an t-Sratha Mhòir a short distance West of Blaid.

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County of Sutherland

Allt na Féithe Bhuidhe [Note]
Allt na Féithe Buidhe
nom. sing. [nominative singular] Féith gen. sing. [genitive singular] Feithe
An adjective must agree with its noun
in gender, number, &, case.

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