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Forth and Clyde Canal 25.9 X
between their terminations, Combined with the danger and the tediousness of the natural navigation from Side to Side of the Country along the rough Marine highway round the Pentland Firth, Suggested, at a very early period of modern civilization, the desirableness of a Forth and Clyde Canal. - In the reign of Charles 2nd. - a project was conceived of cutting out So deep and broad a Communication as Should admit the transit of even transports and Small Ships - of - war! but it probably Shared the odium of the unpopular government which had conceived it and would, if attempted to be put in execution, have Starred upon the fragments of a prodigal and ill-directed public expenditure. - In 1768. the work was begun at the east end, under the direction of Mr. Smeaton. On the 10th of July, Sir Laurence Dundas of Kerse performed the Ceremony of making the first incision of the Ground, with a Spade which is Said to be preserved as a relic in the mansion of his descendants.
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